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About What We Do! is a website that allows consumers and agents to process their applications for health insurance coverage through the Federal Marektplace. In as little as 2 minutes, anyone can complete an application for a tax credit and enrollment into the health plan they choose. As a consumer, you are never charged a fee to enroll through our website and you are never required to enter any insurance premium payment information into our website. All payments are made directly to the insurance company.

It is our mission to make your enrollments as simple and efficient as possible, without all of the headaches and hassle of going to a clunky, slow government website.

About Our Agent Registration Process:

Agents can go to and click on "Register as a new agent" and fill out their information to complete the registration process. Once their registration is submitted, they will receive an email with a link to activate their agent account. Once their account is activated, they can click on the Billing link in their agent portal to see their billing options and choose whichever billing plan they prefer. Once they submit their billing information, their "Quote and Enroll" button will be activated and they will be ready to process enrollments through their own unique URL.

About Who We Are! is comprised of a unique blend of Insurance professionals, programmers and designers. Together with more than 40 years of combined technical and Insurance knowledge, we were able to create a platform from which Agents can help their clients significantly improve their clients health care buying expierence.